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Supporting Families

At Martley Primary School we recognise the challenges that families face when bringing up children. We work closely with our families to provide help and support in different areas of life. 

There are many ways in which we can help.  Information regarding our Early Help Offer is detailed in the leaflets below. 

Trauma Informed Schools

Here at Martley Primary School we proud to be part of  the Trauma Informed Schools.

As a trauma informed school we recognise the great challenges for many of our children and their families who are suffering with mental health difficulties and trauma. We know this will impact not only on their health and wellbeing now, in their primary years, but also on their ability to flourish both academically and spiritually as children, young people and adults.

Mrs Trish Garenss is specially trained as a Trauma and Mental Health Informed Practitioner. She is able to offer support to children and this support may be offered in a 1:1 session, in class or small groups. Children and families at Martley CE Primary know that our staff will always listen to their individual needs and concerns and take these seriously. Acting out our school Christian vision, we provide the care and support that will help our children overcome their unique difficulties knowing they are each valued as an individual member of our school community.

Mrs Trish Garness



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Trauma Informed Schools