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Phonics and Early Reading​​​​​​​

At Martley C.E Primary school we use Read, Write Inc (RWI) phonics to support children with their reading and writing. The synthetic phonics scheme works through letter sounds aiding children to decode words, read fluently and accurately.

We encourage the children to be confident readers and with a consistent approach, children adopt a fluid way of reading and experience success from the very beginning. Every letter sound is an achievement and is celebrated.

Using the RWI program the children are taught 40+ sounds and they can then blend these into words. They are also taught red words or ‘tricky’ words that are not decodable so that the children increase their comprehension of the stories they read.

Phonics is taught on a daily basis from Reception to year 2 and Pre-school introduce the letter sounds to the children immersing the children in the rhymes and letter formation. This provides clear progression that is tailored to the individual child’s needs.

As part of the early reading with pre-school and KS1 sharing a story and decoding the words at the children’s levels is encouraged, as is re-reading a story to create a love of reading developing a story teller’s voice.

If you have any questions please contact the office or try this useful link for parents.

Phonics Guide

To find out more about how teach phonics and how to support your child please click the links below.